Justice Syamsul Maarif


Supreme Court of Indonesia

Currently, he is Justice at the Supreme Court Republic of Indonesia. He is also a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University Malang and other universities, among others at the Graduate Studies Faculty of Law University of Indonesia and Graduate Studies Faculty of Law Islam Indonesia University Yogyakarta. Dr. Maarif is member of ALA Indonesia since 2009. Before holding his current position he was Chairman for the Indonesia Competition Authority (KPPU). Dr. Maarif finished his undergraduate in Laws (LL.B) from Brawijaya University Malang, Indonesia, his master degree in Laws (LL.M) and Doctor of Civil Law (D.C.L) from Faculty of Graduate Studies, McGill University Montreal Canada. He has been a member of the adviser to the Indonesia delegations to WTO negotiations for a number of years. In 1979 to 2000, Dr. Maarif was practicing lawyer in the areas of corporate, banking, finance, and capital market.