Mrs. Le Thi Kim Thanh

Vice President

Vietnam Lawyers’ Association

Mrs. Le Thi Kim Thanh was born in 1963 in Hanoi. She obtained her Bachelor of law degree in the Kuban University – Russia in 1987 and Master of law degree in Sydney University – Australia in 1996.

Mrs. Thanh began her professional career as a legal expert of the Department for Lawyer Management under the Ministry of Justice in 1989.

After three years, she moved to a newly established Legal Aid Agency under the same Ministry as a legal aid expert for another 3 years. Being one of the most prominent staff at that time, she was appointed to the post of the Vice Director of the National Legal Aid Agency in 2002.

In 2005, she moved to the Vietnam Lawyers Association (VLA) in the position of the Vice Secretary General with the main task to manage legal aid centers under the VLA. In 2009 she was elected as General Secretary of the ASEAN Law Association and stayed in the position until 2012.

After 9 years serving in the Vietnam Lawyers Association, Mrs. Le Thi Kim Thanh was elected as a new Vice President in 2014 and stays in this position until today. She is responsible for foreign relations and international cooperation while continuing to manage legal aid work of the organization.