Dr. Kodrat Wibowo


Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU)

Kodrat Wibowo SE, Ph.D began his career at the Department of Economics, College of Art and Science, The University of Oklahoma, USA in 1997 as a Teaching and Research assistant while attending and completing his Doctoral Studies at the same University. He returned to Indonesia in 2004 and then continued his career at Padjadjaran University, the campus where he earned his undergraduate economics degree at Center for Economics and Development Studies (CEDS), Faculty of Economics and Business as Deputy Head. His last position in Padjadjaran University was Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee, Board of Trustees, University of Padjadjaran before now becomes Commissioner of KPPU.

He is also active in various consultation activities at various Foreign Donor Institutions, central and local government agencies as well as private businesses such as ADB, JICA, GIZ, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Development Planning, Local Agencies of Development Planning, Ministry of Trade, Bandung Municipal Water Company, and West Java Local Agency of Manpower. In addition, he is also active in the activities of professional organizations and societies such as the Association of Indonesian Economists (ISEI), Forum of Ministry of Finance Economists (FEKK), and Inter Regional Science Association (IRSA).