Prof. Fan Jian

Professor of Commercial Laws and Doctoral Supervisor

University of Nanjing Law School

Prof. Fan Jian, born in 1957, Jiangsu, is currently the Professor of Commercial Laws and Doctoral Supervisor at the University of Nanjing Law School. He serves as the Director of the Commercial Law Research Center of the University and the Principal for the Legal Platform of Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Prof. Fan also holds positions as Vice President of China Commercial Law Society and President of Jiangsu Commercial Law Society, the national academic society for commercial law studies. Prior to his current positions, he served as Dean of Law School at the University of Nanjing, member of the School Committee and Academic Committee at the University, Chinese Director of German-Chinese Institute for Legal Studies, Consultant for Reform Projects in Vietnam by UNDP, member of the Committee of All-China Youth Federation, member of the Steering Committee of Legal Education of Ministry of Education, representative of Nanjing Provincial People’s Congress, legal consultant of Jiangsu, Hainan, and Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, and member of Nanjing Government Expert Advisory Group.

Prof. Fan was accredited as one of the first Top 10 National Distinguished Young Jurists in 1995, the highest prize approved by the central government and awarded by the China Law Society to recognise excellence in jurists nationwide under the age of 45 , with less than 80 individuals in total honored so far. Prof. Fan was recently acclaimed one of the 100 Jurists Who Influence the Process of China’s Rule of Law in 2017, an award set by China Law Society and China Today Magazine to recognise distinguished contribution to the progress of law development in modern China.

Prof. Fan’s academic and research interests focus on national and international commercial laws and economic laws. He is the drafter of Syllabus for Chinese Commercial Law Education of the Higher Education Department and the Department of Adult Education under the Ministry of Education, co-editing various textbooks on commercial laws for undergraduate and adult education. He is entrusted by the Graduate Department and the Academic Degrees Office under the Ministry of Education to designate the textbooks of commercial law jurisprudence for university graduates. Prof. Fan has published over 180 academic articles, more than 30 monographs and numerous national textbook, including titles such as Business Law, Corporation Law, Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law and Study on Commercial Law.